How do we pay you back?

How we repay you depends entirely on how you have paid.

Did you pay with iDEAL? Then we will transfer the payment back to your account. When you have paid with your credit card and you have returned your entire order, we will refund the amount to your credit card. Have you only returned a part of your order? Then we transfer the according amount to your specified account number. If your account number is unknown, we kindly ask you to provide it to us. Have you been to one of our stores and have you paid there? Then we will ask for your account number so that we can refund the amount.

Where can I find the status of my refund?

Unfortunately, you cannot find the status of your refund anywhere, but we assure you that payment will have been made within 14 business days after the return has been processed.

I have not received a refund.

It varies per bank how long it takes for the repayment to appear on your account. We always pay 10 working days after processing the return shipment. Is the amount not in your account after 12 working days? Then contact customer service.

I have not received an invoice, where can I still request it?

You can easily download your invoice on your account. Do not have an account? Then contact the customer service and make sure you have your order number ready. We will then immediately send you the correct invoice.

Does ActiveStyle offer post-pay?

No. Due to the moral misconduct with regard to postpay, this is now disabled.